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Build your Future learning New skills Online or Offline

Welcome to Nigeria Business University- the first online global learning university where you learn to acquire new skills and learn how to start various small scale /home based or part time businesses. With  our free on-going Schoolarship Offer,  you can gain free admission as a student  to Nigeria Business University at entry level without paying for admission fee. This offer is however limited for short period of time. Become Nigeria Business Universitty Instructor today and discover how  you can earn more than N100,000 monthly selling courses using Nigeria Business University instructor app as NBU instructor.

100’s of Courses

Nigeria Business University Boast of having 100’s of Proffesional Courses that cut across Web, ICT, Digital Marketing, Business and Entrepreneurship

All NBU courses are 100%  practical oriented and they follow a step by step approach of do it yourself technique making each NBU student to learn with ease and also you come out with instant award of certificate after your course  completion which you can present in any country of the world for instant job employment or contract.

Web Dev. MasterClass

Learn Web from the expert. We have  both local and international instructors who are ready to teach you web at it’s best practice.

Business Courses

Traditioanl school and University did not teach us how to do business and that is what Nigeria Business Unversity is setup to equip you to become business oriented. through various ecourses that is targetd to make you become emplyer of labours.

UX Design

Learn how to build a unique and appealing website with instant graphic and UI design skills from expert NBU tutor and start your freelancing carrier in a minutes through Nigeria Business University Job Network Platform

Instant Job Employment

Nigeria Business University offer all her student 4 different kind of Job employment through our highly verified network Job system with an attractive payout upto N500,000 per month.

Learn With Ease

Nigeria Business University operate digitally and you can learn any course at ease just with your smaphone and internet connection in any where you are in the world.

Profit and Business Oriented

All Nigeria Business University courses are business and profit oriented meaning that each course on NBU come with seperate class on how to start making money with the course after your training as a student.

No Technical Approach

All Nigeria Business University instructor are proffesional at their fields of study so they understand the concept of keeing things simple and meeting up with student goals and objectives.

24/7 Support & Automation

All course you purchase or you intend to purchase on NBU are available 247 with instant access after making your payment plus standby support team working round the clock to all your questions.


Build Your Future Learning New Skills Online Or Offline

Become an Agent and You Will Earn Lots of Commissions

For those who want to make more money, Nigeriabusinessuniversity.com has a powerful Agent program where you can become Nigeria Business University Agent and earn commissions when you refer people to buy online video courses and other products from our Course Gallery through your customized link or when you refer people to join as Agents or Instructor through your link. You also make a lot of money when those you refer upgrade or renew their subscription both student and teachers.

Earn Commissions When You or Your Agents Register New Agents

  • As an Agent you will get paid 30% commission for every Agent that you register under you.
  • You Receive 20% commission every time your Agent registers a new Agent (this is your 2nd Level)
  • You Receive 5% when that new Agent registers another new Agent (this is your 3rd Level)
  • From your 4th down to your 10th Level you get 1% every time a new Agent is registered plus a recurring upgrade commission when such agent renew or upgrade their Account.

    Earn Commissions When You or Your Agents Sell Products

    • As an Agent member, you will also receive 30% of the cost of every course or product sold through your referral link, 20% when an Agent directly under you buys or sells a course or product and more commissions down to the 10th Level.

Who Can Register and What You Need to Start

  • Anybody in Nigeria or any other country can do it. Young or old, educated or illiterate
  • You can start making money as an Agent within a few weeks (sometimes even days)
  • All you need is an email address, a phone number and a Smartphone or computer (you can use a cybercafe)
  • You also need a Nigerian or non-Nigerian bank account (Savings or Current) to receive your payments

We Will Soon Stop Accepting New students  so Join Free or Upgrade to Agent Now

Nigeria Business University is all about teaching Nigerians and other country of the world  how to make money and start business both online and offline so that they can become financially free and independent. Since 2016, NBU has been quietly helping Nigerians to make money So Join or Upgrade today while we are still accepting new students.

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